Sometimes you just don’t have the time for the portraits you want from your wedding day. Or perhaps you would rather spend that time with your guests and do the portraits another day when it is not so busy and stressful. One to two hours of a day dedicated to something that could theoretically be done on another day is a lot, plus you are quite limited with your schedule. Maybe you want those beautiful sunset pictures with the gorgeous light that wraps around and just lightly touches the skin? But your schedule does not allow a portrait session at that time (2 hrs before sunset). The best solution, then, would be to schedule a post/after wedding portrait session. Here we can control everything, from the time of day, to the lighting and stress level. Plus you get two hours back on your big day to just be in the moment. Isn’t that a great idea? Send me a message and I will send you some more details.

Suzanne and Anders celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows in a small ceremony and having a post wedding portrait session to celebrate and commemorate the occasion.  I normally am a natural light photographer but this session happened just before the sun disappeared behind the horizon which gave some of the pictures a more moody and dark look and I had an opportunity to try some flash and silhouettes.