Hello! Great to see you here!

I’m Natalie and I hope to be your wedding photographer.

I started photographing weddings after I myself got married and had fallen in love with wedding photographs, the story, the emotion, the cherished memories, the people: the nearest and dearest who where chosen to share and witness that day with the couple. I realized, way-back-when that I wanted to do that for others, to give them the experience and the memories that I have now. I look back at my wedding photos and relive that day, see the people laughing and smiling, remember the reactions, the ceremony, how I felt on the day, remember my family and friends (some of who are no longer here with us, which makes me cherish those photos even more) who traveled far and long to support us.

I have been photographing weddings for over 10 years now and have loved every minute of it. I love meeting new wonderful clients and documenting the precious memories of the biggest day of their life. I love the joy of the wedding day, the emotion, the excitement. Through my photographs I hope to give you the opportunity to relive your day every time you look at them and remember exactly how you felt on that moment when you said, I do to the love of your live, your soul mate. With me you will get a quirky humour, someone who jumps between English and Swedish, sometimes saying funny things that make you giggle and forget the camera in front of you, allowing you to relax and smile genuinely. I strive to deliver photographs that connect with you, show the emotion of the day, which tell a story in full colour of your perfect day. Welcome to Weddings by Natalie.

I love
  • spending time with my family, watching my boys having fun with the simple things, like a puddle of water.
  • traveling and seeing new places, learning the history of that land and seeing its beauty.
  • simple things.
  • vanilla instead of chocolate. Single instead of many.
  • being in the mountains, however dislike getting there. (the hike is horrible)
  • documenting the beauty of life, from the scenery of far and distant lands to the backyard. From the every day experiences of life to the special occasions.

My journey to get to where I am at is a long story of winding roads running through three continents South Africa, Canada and Sweden, engineering degrees and road building, love, marriage and children, triathlons to rock climbing, masters degrees and cookbooks. My story is a complicated one, with twists and turns, remind me to tell you some of it as we adventure along together.

I want to be your wedding photographer. I am super excited to hear from you, so let’s chat and let’s get your wedding date on my calendar before someone else books me and snags your wedding date!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Did I also mention I am a proud member of the Fearless Photographers Association: A directory of the best wedding photographers in the word. You’re not an ordinary couple. I am not an ordinary wedding photographer. You love powerful, original photos. I love taking them. You want to remember the beauty, the fun, the realness of your big day. Same! You’re passionate, world-wise and looking for the best. I strive to go above and beyond every single day. Let’s get together.